DEEPEN YOUR YOGA PRACTICE – Apr 5, May 10, Jun 7 2014

– Scorrere giù per il flyer in italiano –


3 sessions to deepen your Yoga practice and touch new inner spaces              with Virginia Tucci and Rosa Tagliafierro:

April 5 –> Build the Foundations: Bandhas, Ujjay breath and Sun Salutions

May 10 –> The Art of Balance: Standing postures

June 7 –> In the Search of the Unknown: Backbendings

Pilates Shanti – Piazza dei Daini, 3 – Milan (Italy)

10h to 12h + optional 30′

Every session includes a bonus of 30 minutes with FREE attendance:

April 5 –> Yoga Nidra

May 10 –> Pranayama / breathing exercises

June 7 –> Chanting

Single event: 25 euros

Package of 3 events: 65 euros


Download the flyer here (Italian version): Esplora-nuovi-spazi-interiori


Need more info? Do not hesitate to contact me!

Rosa    +39 342 7468210


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