Chi sono

Ko’ ham?     Chi sono io?

So’ ham!       Io stesso, l’Universo!

Ma veniamo a questo piano… il mio nome è Rosa, un bel pezzo della mia vita passata a fare così tanto senza veramente sapere perchè stavo facendo tutto quello, sottoponendomi ad un forte livello di stress a causa di un grande senso di responsabilità pensando di dover sempre essere all’altezza delle aspettative degli altri. Così, 13 anni trascorsi in un’azienda multinazionale. viaggiando molto, vivendo in Paesi diversi, seguendo un veloce percorso di carriera fin al momento in cui ho realizzato che ciò che stavo facendo non mi nutriva più.

E quindi? Ho deciso di cambiare la mia vita! Lo yoga era venuto in mio soccorso ed ho pensato che dovevo dargli un’opportunità… 🙂



Ko’ ham?     Who am I?

So’ ham!       I myself, the Universe!

Coming down to this world… my name is Rosa, a bulk of my life spent in doing so much without really knowing why I was doing all of it, putting lot of stress on me ’cause of a strong sense of responsibility thinking I should always be up to world’s expectations. So 13yrs spent in a global company, traveling a lot, living in different countries, following a certain career path that included masters etc. till the moment I felt all that was not ‘feeding’ me any longer.

So what? I decided to change my life! Yoga had come to rescue me and I felt like I needed to give it a chance… 🙂

4 Responses to Chi sono

  1. wow, thank you is really inspiring, I ve been living like you since 2009, and I am really happy.

  2. debcoats says:

    sounds like heaven 🙂

    • theprimerose says:

      Hi debcoats, now 1,5 years have gone by since I started my sabbatical and I can say it wasn’t heaven all the time, but… almost! I’ve discovered a new life that runs on a slower clock, with time for people and activities I love, and… I just decided to definitely quit the company I was working for and completely focus on yoga and photography. There have been low times, but something has changed within me and can stand those much better than I used to. I’m still happy! 🙂

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