Assuming you’re a passionate yoga practitioner who is looking forward to deepen the personal practice or transforming a passion into a living, make sure to answer the following 3 questions before enrolling to whichever Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC):

1/ What do I want to get out of the TTC?

Out there you will find tons of different offerings. Do you want to focus on asanas or pranayama, meditation techniques or yoga philosophy? Though I believe that a good teacher has a deep knowledge on many of the yoga limbs, it is also realistic to know that to acquire that knowledge takes time, study and dedication… and limiting the talk only to time, most likely 200 hrs or so won’t be enough to go through all that you need! Hence, ask yourself which area(s) you want to focus on and take that TTC that covers it/them appropriately. (And, by the way, if the answer to the question is ‘the certificate’, ask yourself if you should be teaching and how you can serve your students…)


After 200hrs Ashtanga Yoga TTC graduation ceremony in Rishikesh

2/ What do I know about the teacher(s)?

Many TTC programs looks very alike when you see them on paper… or better, on your monitor 🙂 though they can be rather different once undertaken. So, if you can, get to know the teacher or teachers beforehand, take classes with them, see what’s your feeling towards them. In yoga, it is highly recommended to study with teachers who inspires you, whose teachings resonate within you. You don’t want to spend time and money to realize there are no connections with the one who is supposed to transfer knowledge to you. And if you can’t get to know them personally, then ask your friend, find somebody who has taken that TTC before you and spend some time in making your personal opinion. Today the web is very helpful for that… blogs, Facebook, website, communities… you can find almost everything!

3/ How familiar I am with that style of yoga?

If you choose a TTC in a specific style of yoga, make sure you have been practising it for at least 1 year regularly. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding out once you start the TTC that kind of yoga is not meant for you! A TTC is supposed to be a source of delight as you’ll be able to deepen the knowledge of that practice, not a cause of frustration… though it often happens when not selected properly. And especially if you take an intensive TTC (i.e. 200 hrs in 1 month), make sure you intensify your practice before starting, so to make sure your stamina and strength are increased… they will serve you nicely 🙂

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  1. Cristina says:

    Dove si possono trovare delle buone scuole?

    • Ciao Cristina, perdona, ho visto il tuo commento solo ora 😞 di scuole ce ne sono tante, di buone e di meno buone. Ma anche tra quelle buone dipende sempre da ciò che tu stai cercando. Come spesso nella vita, non esiste una ricetta che vada bene per ogni occasione. Anche il trovare la ‘tua’ scuola fa parte della ricerca. Un caro saluto. Rosa

  2. theprimerose says:

    Hi Christin, happy my blog was of help to you!!

    You’re so lucky in having the chance to make such an experience: first time in India and first time at Tattvaa. You will love it! Beautiful teachers, beautiful people! Stay open and let all the knowledge and the beauty of the place soak within yourself. From my experience, India teaches in a very peculiar way that I have only experienced there. Wish I could join u 🙂

    As to traveling alone, and as I’ve been doing that quite a few times myself, please just use common sense. Overall India is not a dangerous place, nonetheless avoid going around sleeveless and with shorts, and use a scarf to cover yourself up. Indian are very curious and sometimes they can be overwhelming with questions, though usually very friendly… but, as I believe you would do in your country, always play safe and all will be great!

    Wish you the best! Rosa

    • Christin says:

      Thanks, Rosa, for your response and insight! How is the way India teaches yoga peculiar? How did you find the airports to be there?

      • theprimerose says:

        Hi Christin, when I mentioned ‘India teaches you in a peculiar way’ I meant a lot more than yoga. India can face you with tough aspects and only through opening, relaxing, letting things go you can really learn to appreciate it. Don’t worry, you’ll soon be there and have your own experience 🙂
        As to airports, if you land in Delhi International Airport, than it’s little difference compared to other International airports you’ve been to (though still with an Indian flavour :-)). Else if you approach other airports such as Mumbai Domestic or smaller ones.. Than, bring a big bag of patience with you :-))
        My overall piece of advice: don’t worry too much, stay open and you will have a fantastic time!
        Love & Light,

  3. Christin Buttel says:

    I am so thankful to have found your blog! I will go to YTT at Tattvaa in one week and would appreciate any advice you can offer. I am excited and also nervous to travel alone. and I’ve never been to India!

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