“To attain the purpose of life, it is necessary to do one’s duty, whether one lives in the world or outside it. The path of renunciation and the path of action, though 2 diverse ways, are equally helpful for attaining self-emancipation. One is the path of sacrifice, the other the path of conquest.”  –  from ‘Living with the Himalayan Masters’ by Swami Rama


myself – first practice back home

After 3 months and the most intense yoga time ever, I’m now back home…

After an amazing time spent at Tattvaa Yogashala under the brilliant guidance of Yogi Kamal Singh for what pertains the body, of masterji Sunil Sharma for what pertains the mind and prana and all my fellow companions for what pertains the heart, it’s time for me to be back to my householder’s duties. Every time I’m back from India is kind of a shock, this time even more…

Though I’m lucky to be able to re-start it softly, smoothly, taking my time over these Christmas holidays and enjoying it all with the One person I’ve missed the most, there is a little sadness in my very deep, a sweet sadness that goes beyond what is perceptible… it’s a nostalgia for that home that is uninterrupted practice, for that path of renunciation that is tapasya, for that single-pointed mind that is the lamp shedding light on the path of inner search… And in all that, I stay.

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