Anandoham anandoham

Anandam Brahmaanandam

I am bliss I am bliss

Bliss I am Supreme bliss

Pooja-AYTTC-200hrs-Kamal-Singh-theprimerose-photography-Rosa-TagliafierroOne week ago, in the evening, the orientation meeting for the Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training with Kamal and Sunil took place and we were requested to pick up one of the Yama and Niyama so to practice it while here in Rishikesh, so to make it part of our daily life.

My choice came all by itself: Santosha – that is Contentment, Gratitude.

During the bulk of my life I’ve always seen me as a very optimistic and positive person, smile and hope in the future always present, sure that if you really work hard you can get almost everything. But for some reason, I don’t know when and how, I developed a certain ‘tendency to complain’… not too bad maybe, but still there… you know when you start putting ‘but’ in your own speaches? When you have all reasons to be happy but still there is a ‘but’?

I don’t know how it came, but on that orientation meeting all that was so clear to me. And actually I have no reasons for ‘buts’ only reasons to feel immensely grateful for what I’m experiencing, for the chances that occured during last 2 years, the people I’m sharing all those with…

So, when Sunil (one of the AYTTC teachers at Tattva Yogashala) taught us the mantra above, again I started feeling an immense joy within, not even knowing the meaning of it. And this mantra is accompaning me all of these days, together with Santosha, and this is making me happy for whatever I have, for whatever I feel, for whatever I’m experiencing. And this is giving a new light to my physical asana practice as well, expecially with Kamal reminding us constantly: ‘Don’t just do it, FEEL it!’.

Blessed, this is the way I’m feeling, deep in my heart…

What are you grateful for today? Are you feeling it or just doing it? We all can do it, sometimes it just takes a little reminder…

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