That’s when yoga starts!


photo credit: R. Portesani – all rights reserved

You practice asanas regularly, maybe even daily, believing that will keep you healthy on top to everything else. And if you do ashtanga yoga, highly likely you will be even more careful during your practice, listening to your body thoroughly so to avoid any injury… but than something stupid happens. It has nothing to do with yoga but will affect your yoga practice!

In my case, that was a little cold draft air from an open window in my bedroom on an early morning. It took no more than 5 seconds while I was getting ready to wear my yoga cloths and… I’ve been now stuck for 10 days! Well, don’t tell me anymore that ashtanga yoga is dangerous!

I managed that morning to still go through primary series, but I couldn’t practice for the rest of these days, except for small restorative sessions. I don’t like medicines, so I avoided those till 2 days ago, when a night without sleep because of pain convinced me to see a doctor. And still, I wouldn’t if I were not due to attend my longed for 2nd 10-days vipassana meditation retreat in 3 days.

Yes, tomorrow I’m due to start!

I’ve been waiting for it for last 8 months!

Last night, pain woke me up again at 2h15 am…

Over the last few days this question has often come up to my mind: ‘Why right now?’

I don’t have the answer but what I know is I’m going to that much waited for retreat, ready to take whatever will happen. Call me stubborn, call me crazy, but this is where life and practice has taken me…

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  1. theprimerose says:

    So true Marcela!!!! it really seems the way we react / act tell us all about where we stand on our path…. and by the way, you won’t believe it… my pain stopped the very moment I sat on my meditation seat in the vipassana yoga centre, at first coming back up during the breaks and overnight, to be definitely gone after a few days!!! hugs

  2. mavablog says:

    I am going through similar process sometimes… I call it “unexpected things” and can very much relate to your answer in first sentence 🙂

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