Everyone stands alone at the heart of the world,
pierced by a ray of sunlight,
and suddenly it’s evening.

Salvatore Quasimodo


We wait all year long for our holidays (and in Italy that mainly means summer holidays). How much are they waited for, longed for, coveted, and than, all of a sudden, they are already over. Tons of stuff we planned of doing while off from work will be still there, including some of our biggest passions, … undone! We ask to ourselves: ‘Where has time gone? How that can be possible?’. Yesterday I was back from a 10 days vacation at the seaside and this beautiful lines of poetry were on my mind all day long.

But that happens in so many other domains of our lives, actually very often it is the story of our whole life. At whichever point in time we stop, we realize that time is passing by sooooo fast and, too often, we are not finding space in our lives for what we consider the most important things for us. So, this week, let’s look at our priorities – the long term ones, the ones we would like to have accomplished at the end of our time – and let’s take first steps to have those accomplished. Time won’t wait for us… and suddenly it is evening!

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