Here I am lying down on the couch, legs up and feeling drained 😦

Who knows me personally also knows that I’ve always been bursting with energy. Than, what’s happened?

For the last couple of months I’ve been on an intense yoga teaching schedule and today, last day before the break for the month of August, I feel so exhausted, so empty… Was it too much yoga? Don’t think so. Too much physical activity? Maybe yes!

During that period, a chain of events brought me to teach vinyasa flow yoga in addition to ashtanga yoga and what happened is I’ve been doing my personal yoga practice in the mornings for about 2 hours, sometimes I’ve been practising up to 5hours per day with students, preparing the classes and working on new asanas I wanted them to try and feel, all that in a framework of African hot weather (though I’m currently in the North of Italy!) while still working as a photographer as well. A time of my life vey intense, wonderful, extremely enriching from a personal standpoint as well as from the yoga teaching perspective, full of excitement and novelties, that has gifted me with a new approach to practice and has pushed me to experiment more, to play more, to feel more.

Italian-Alps-theprimerose-photography-by-Rosa-TagliafierroYet, all that hasn’t come without a toll… my batteries are at a low and I feel happy at the idea of having one month ahead only for my photography work, my personal practice and time to rest! And this because I’m aware the physical exhaustion veils the hearth and the mind as that thin layer of humidity that sometimes dims the sun making heavy a hot summer day otherwise wondreous.

Therefore, here a piece of advice for all those who plan to become a yoga instructor or have just started: be aware that teaching yoga requires a great load of energy, both at physical and subtle level, and to avoid burning out (and then run out of gas even before beginning seriously) start gradually and take all breaks needed in order to recharge, so to delight in the wonderfully crisp summer sun that you can enjoy on the top of a mountain.

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  1. Terra Kroll says:

    I do think that sometimes too much yoga is too much. Two years ago I was teaching 12 – 15 classes a week. I totally burnt myself out to the point that I started sloughing off on my home practice. I was tapped out and my cup was totally empty. I had nothing left to give because I was giving it all in my classes without replenishing though my own practice. I ended up totally breaking up with yoga for almost a full year. It was awful </3.

    So long as you're "refilling your cup" there's no such thing as "too much yoga" but forget to refill and it will be a rocky path back.


    • theprimerose says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience Terra!! that is sooooo precious!!! I haven’t taught more than 8 classes per week up to now and it already seems a lot to me. So, can’t even imagine up to 12-15. I can’t be more in agreement with you on the importance of refilling the cup through personal practice…. believe if that goes, all the rest will crush as a building without foundations. Are you now back to teaching? if so, how are you handling it?

      • Terra Kroll says:

        I am still not teaching weekly classes. It has been a full year since I sold my corporate studio (a practice housed in an office complex, rather than a stand alone studio) and stopped teaching.

        I just started teaching again, but only privates and certain modules for a local Teacher Training program (prenatal and the business of yoga). I doubt I will ever make it back to weekly studio teaching (unless I open another studio, which is highly unlikely).

        I have found that I am in love with teaching teachers and working with yoga teachers and studios. Now I am attempting to merge the corporate me (I am an attorney working on an MS in digital communication) with yoga me. So far it feels like it’s exactly the right path. 🙂

  2. Paola says:

    Thank you Rose, useful and bright as usual.
    Wish you a lovely summer!

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