Monday evening, on my way to teach an ashtanga yoga class. I cross into a friend, we just exchange a few words as I am on the run… I love getting to the studioes I teach well ahead of time, so to have a few moments all on my own before class. While I’m leaving, my friend wishes me ‘Buon lavoro!’… that’s an expression used a lot in Italy… in English that can be badly translated as ‘have a good job/work’.

Yoga-class-along-the-Ganges-Rishikesh-India-theprimerose-photography-by-Rosa-TagliafierroThe word job tingled a chord within myself and that feeling kept coming over the last couple of days. Ok, it’s now a few months I’m teaching yoga and this is part of what I do for a living, nonetheless I just realized I’ve never thought of it like ‘my job’.

Yoga has changed my life and I approach each class with a strong desire to help people in feeling better, asking myself how can I serve students, how to help them become more conscious of their potential and how to let them express it on the yoga mat as a start… (careful, I’m not saying I’m always 100% successful in that!). I’m very aware that people can be there for very different reasons, some of which could be skin-deep, and that makes the class even more worthwhile. In some way, the words job/work look inappropriate to me to describe the process going on teaching yoga that way: those words remind me of something I have to do, while this is all about what I love to do.

I have been so lucky to meet yoga teachers in my life moved by this kind of spirit, though I’m also aware that is not always the case… So, yeah, teaching yoga at times can be just a job, though I hope there will be, more and more, more than that. What’s your personal experience?

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  1. debcoats says:

    you must be a beautiful yoga guide 🙂 I just attend a festival and they said that the “teacher” implies the ego, hmmm…. I kind of get that, so they say try using the word, Journey, we are all on this Journey in life and yoga together, you just happen to be the inspiration behind the journey to people who come to share in your class. And if you can support your life style by living your passion and living your Dharma, then well done my friend, you are on your right path 🙂 Peace and enjoy~

    • theprimerose says:

      Thank you Deb… words are such a limited way for communication but believe we need them as a standard and starting point. I don’t know if the word teacher or guide or anyone else is the appropriate one, but definitely agree this is a Journey, a sole journey lived with many others… 🙂

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