Many times a small act of kindness – a smile from a perfectly unknown person, a little flower you got as a gift, the right word in the right moment – has huge consequences… let’s bestow tiny acts of kindness today, let’s make it a little habit… even more when we don’t feel like doing it at all!

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  1. umakasardevi says:

    What a big truth! Thank’s for reminding me!

    • theprimerose says:

      Thank you! It was nice to read some pieces of your blog… yr story reminds so much mine!! I’ll be back to Rishikesh for 3 months starting Oct 1st, would be lovely to meet you if still there. Besos

  2. Sushumna says:

    Thanks for this inspiring post, Rosa. The amazing thing about kidness for me is that it means so much and it comes natural, without any effort. The kind people I know of are simply kind, without “planning” to be kind. We are natural kind. 🙂

    • theprimerose says:

      So true Sushumna, I do believe we are born as kind and caring beings… though, and unfortunately, somewhere many of us loose that quality for some reason… than it becomes a matter of going back to rediscover what we truly are. And that is a lot of work 🙂

  3. debcoats says:

    i so agree, I think a smile goes such a long way…. love it…

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