ashtanga-yogaEarlier this week I wrote about ‘what to do on those days when practicing yoga seems the hardest thing‘. And today I run into an ‘ask the expert’ question answered by the well-well-known ashtanga yoga teacher Richard Freeman.

Question is: ‘… Some days the practicing is more difficult, and on these kind of days I am never sure: Should I practice the whole series, but lighter/faster? Or should i just do half of the series? Or is it maybe best to take a break?

Richard’s answer starts like that: ‘It’s important to take some days off and occasionally to have a lighter or abbreviated practice.’ He than adds alternatives to build the abbreviated practice. Read them here!

But also a warning in the end: ‘It is also important to notice if you find yourself consistently doing one of these lighter, modified forms. If so, are you avoiding certain areas of the practice, and if so, you should investigate what that is about.’

Is it kind of ‘listen to yourself but don’t forget discipline?’. What’s your point of view?


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  1. Sushumna says:

    Our bodies are not the same everyday, so the practice cannot be as intense everyday. Sometimes we do more and other times we do little or nothing. We are not always productive at work, or at home. So why would we ask our bodies to perform the same on the Yoga mat? Even a Sun Salutation could be alright. For me it’s rather about the quality of the little that we do. 🙂

    • theprimerose says:

      Totally agree Sushumna, though perpetual question for me is: human nature often tends to be kind of lazy, so a bit of discipline in the practice – while full listening to the physical body and the inner self – is highly due as well. What’s your view on that?

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