The Gita says: ‘Mysterious are the ways of Karma. Man plans one thing out of pride, egoism and conceit, but God wills something completely different… the Divine will is bound to prevail.’ Lord-Krishna-and-Arjuna-picture-from-Bhagavad-Gita

‘Since I rely absolutely on my Guru, on God, there is no need on my part to worry about the future because whatever has to happen will happen, the persons who are going to execute those things will arrive at the right time and everything will happen automatically’ – Swami Muktananda Paramahansa

You’re working? Being on vacation seems a dream!

You’re single? Being in a couple appears as far better!

You’re poor? Being wealthy seems the key to happiness!

And than…

You’re on vacation, and you worry about work!

You’re in a couple, and you may regret the freedom of being on your own!

You’re got some money, and still that is not enough!

And than…

You start planning: ‘I’ll be happy once I’m able to do that’, ‘I’m gonna do this, and I’m gonna get that’… but never as today life reminds me it doesn’t really work that way!

sunset-at-Rishikesh-IndiaAfter 3 weeks in Rishikesh, I had planned to spend my last week there doing an even more intense yogasana practice: Ashtanga with Kamal in the mornings and Iyengar with Usha or Ashish in the afternoons… but, well, things haven’t really sorted them out that way.

I’m doing my Ashtanga morning practice with much effort as my body feels weak, overwhelmed by the heat of days at more than 40° C and lack of rest and I cannot even think of any other additional physical exercise. Right now, just walking in the sun is a ‘titanic enterprise’ for myself.

Now it is 6pm, I’m writing my notes in the shadow of the ashram and I’m melting… The good news is: I do accept this is the way it is!

And you? When life showed you it meant another path for yourself?

Note to the reader: I wrote this blog post on Tuesday, May 7th, though it goes live today.

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