Finally an ‘exhaustive’, as much as this theme can be exhaustive, explanation of why Ashtangis don’t practice on moon days, by Eddie Stern.
Thank you The Confluence Countdown for re-blogging this!

The Confluence Countdown

On our yatra we became friends with Barry Silver, Ashtanga instructor and shala owner in Tokyo, designer, and all around great guy. In the way information gets spread these days, Barry shared a letter (on the Facebook) written by Eddie Stern on the question, “Why don’t we practice on moon days?” It seemed to us like the final word on the subject, so here it is, in its entirety, reproduced by generous permission from Eddie.

The context: The letter was a response to an answer about moon day practice by Srivatsa Ramaswami, a response to a response, giving a fuller reply.

Thanks to Barry for posting it, and to Eddie for allowing us to share it. Eddie Stern writes:


It is possible that the student who asked you about any prohibition of practicing yoga on the full or new moon days was doing so because of the observances of…

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