I’ve just read this article about the story of Pooja Chopra, Miss India 2009, and my stomach is still upset!

pooja-chopra yoga gives back


In 2013, there are still countries where to give birth to a female is considered a disgrace, a huge burden, a mouth to feed and a dowry to bring to marriage… than, why don’t get rid of a female baby as soon as she’s been born?

Unfortunately, India – a land very dear to me – is listed within those countries. India… to me a land of charm, of colourfulness, of magic… how easily to forget that reality just goes beyond what everyone of us can see.

This is why I decided I do want to help changing that! And my decision has nothing to do with feminism, it only comes from a strong belief that every human being – is it male or female – is born with the right to live its own life, whichever it is, in whichever place and whichever standing.

How? in my case, I choose to support with my work YogaGivesBack, a non-profit organization born in the US in 2007 dedicated to raising awareness and funds to alleviate poverty in India, providing micro loans for mothers and education funds to children.

And you? how are you fostering the change?

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