Monday, December 31st… last day of 2012!

Was it a good year? Or was it not?

Is it so difficult to say?

As far as I’m concerned, I do know – mentally – that 2012 was a very good year: on a sabbatical period, 5 months spent in India travelling and studying yoga in-depth, transforming photography from a passion to a profession, sharing my life with my other half and more. Nonetheless, I was on my mat this morning and couldn’t stop feeling like all of that was not enough, not enough compared to the bulk that still has to be done to restructure my life. And those thoughts brought with them very intense emotions and a bit of sadness…

What is all this running for? Why do not just be happy with all that was done, especially when that was by far exceeding whichever expectation I had at the beginning of this year coming to an end?

Fiery sunset

Fiery sunset

And than something happened just while I was approaching the end of my practice… I might call it ‘intuition’. You know when you ‘realize’ a concept going beyond the simple thought? It was: “All that I’m doing is Impermanent as my body and my ordinary mind is”! And than it was clear to me where all that sadness was coming from…

Impermanence – anitya: how many times while living difficult times that thought was of help to me! I knew the difficult time would not last forever and just that thought would make me feel much better and give me the strength not to give up. Nonetheless, impermanence is there also when your life is beautiful and you feel great… than the thought of a continuous change is much more difficult to accept. You know that state of ordinary bliss won’t last forever, not even for as much as you would wish. That was the source of my sadness.

So, is there a solution? I can only think of keeping practicing on the path of yoga…


Wish you all a 2013 plenty of realizations!

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