It was the beginning of 2012 and I was freaking out at leaving my company and my role after 13 years… I had no much else I could figure out of doing but I knew I needed time to be in the company of myself. First thing I did was to travel to India visiting and studying yoga in Mysore for 3 months, than I came back to Italy… still I didn’t know what would be next. Than just a few months and I flew to Mysore again, this time to practice at KPJAYI for additional 2 months. On my second trip, I was in the company of my camera. And than, just focusing on my daily ashtanga yoga practice, I started feeling all the pieces of the puzzle coming together to show me the way… I started taking pictures professionally again after 10 years and a new path has opened in front of me: yogascapes = yoga + landscape.

Here a small sample of my art work: Julia, ashtanga yoga teacher from Russia – in Mysore (India)

What do you think of it?

I’d love to hear from you!


tittibasana yoga posture

Julia in tittibasana yoga pose

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