Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about yoga as ‘living the present, being here and now’ and as it was a constant thought it also happened to be there while I was in my kitchen getting lunch ready.

While there, I realized that when I was a kid, living in a farm in the South of Italy, I would know for each fruit / vegetable cultivated in the fields the appropriate time of the year for harvesting. I was so lucky to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables for 19 years of my life. But now… well, another story!! With as many years gone by, I realize now I’m only able to say the season for a few vegetables and fruits…

Have you noticed golden apples are available all year long at the supermarket? And tomatoes? And many other fruits and vegetables? I believe we have completely lost the knowledge of when they should be there because they are freshly harvested (if we’re lucky and they come from nearby) against being there because preserved in so many different ways…

Well, I decided to put a bit more attention on that front and prefer as much as I can fresh produce… what about you?


PS: on that day I prepared the following pasta – as easy to prepare as delicious – and with all autumnal ingredients!!!




pasta broccoli and chestnut yoga

pasta broccoli and chestnut

Ready in: 40 minutes

Preparation difficulty: Easy

Recipe: Vegetarian – Vegan

Serves 2


7 / 8 fresh broccoli florets

20 to 30 boiled and pealed chestnuts

160gr of whole-wheat penne – my favorite pasta for this preparation


Extra-virgin olive oil



Put a pot on the stove with about 3 liters of water and a pinch of salt. While the water gets to boil, wash the broccoli floret. As soon as it boils, put the broccoli florets in the pan and let them cook for 10 minutes.

Once cooked, take the broccoli florets out of the pot and use the water to cook the pasta. Usually whole-wheat pasta takes about 12/14minutes, though check the specific cooking time shown on the package you’re using.

Once ready, use a colander to drain the pasta and put it again in the pot and on the stove (heat is at the minimum now). Immediately add some extra-virgin olive oil in your preferred quantity and mix. Now add broccoli florets, chestnuts (half squeezed, half not) and basil. Mix again all together, let it settle for about one minute, than turn off the heater.

Now it’s time to serve and enjoy! Buon appetito! 🙂

* for vegetarians, parmesan cheese can be added at the end if wished.

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  1. I enjoy the idea of eating seasonally, but it’s difficult in a climate that has a short growing season. Any ideas?

    • theprimerose says:

      Hi organizednowplease! your comment firstly makes me curious about where you’re writing from. Would you mind to share? From a generic standpoint, I’d say that nature is amazing in providing fruits and vegetables all year around and that most of the time, we have lost the connection with it to know what is available when. I’m aware there are areas on the earth where weather conditions are very harsh and that might not apply, but fortunately those are minorities. So let’s try to put a special attention on that and than just do the best we can in the conditions we have :)) Cheers

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