Have you ever waken up one morning and thought ‘Gosh, practice will be tough today!’ as first thing? Well, it happened to me this morning!

8am, Sunday, previous 2 nights out and unusually late in bed, the realization the very moment I opened my eyes that my asana practice would be reeeeeeally tough and the thought: ‘Should I skip it today?’ But no way to indulge long in that thought, Saturday was already a day off for me!

No grace… once on the mat, it was tough! Struggling for 1 and a half hour, my body stiff like centuries old olive trees, my mind wandering all time along keeping just one focus: ‘would it have been the same if I weren’t out and late last night?’ Of course, I couldn’t find the answer to that…

This brings up a consideration I believe everybody who practice daily has to face at a certain point in time (if not more than once…): ‘does a daily practice, especially if done early morning, kill social relationships? How to spend time with all those normal friends who still go out at evenings and just enjoy that? Is it there a balance between practice and friends?’.


home sweet home

I definitely believe there is one, but personally struggling to identify which one is it… I’m aware of the big change my life went through since I started practising yoga, also as far as my evening going outs are concerned: well, reduced from 5/6 times a week to 1… 2 on a very lively week… and actually enjoying that quietness more and more. But what to do when the bulk of the people around you believe that is too much?

I’d love to get your point of view on that. What do you think? How do you handle it? What’s your secret or challenge in keeping the balance?

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