Yes, after 3 years of Ashtanga Yoga practice, 3 times to Mysore to practise at S. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI) I finally got ‘pashasana’! first posture of intermediate a.k.a. second series.

Yesterday I was dropping back when Sharath, my master, came to assist. He waited while I was finishing my own drop-backs than we started the assisted ones.

I was swinging back when I heard: ‘tomorrow pashasana’.

I felt like he was not talking to me… coming up, I said: ‘pashasana?’

‘Yes, only pashasana’

‘I’ve never done it’ – came out of me while I was swinging back again…

‘I will teach you’ – Sharath added on my way to pashcimattanasana

Useless to say I did not even remember going through my finishing asanas after that…

I have always been doing my practice without really looking forward to next posture, trying to concentrate and improve the ones I already had at hand and that needed so much progressing. Nonetheless what happened yesterday morning made me realize that over the last 2 or 3 weeks, as I was feeling my physical body opening in a very perceptible way, I started building expectations to move forward.

Intermediate series! My mind was there for the rest of the day every other minute. Happy to finally break second series myth, exited, a bit scared about how I were supposed to enter it…

And than this morning, 4.15am I was on my mat and I completely forgot about it… till I got to ubhaya padangusthasana! At that moment I had a glimpse that in 3 more postures I would attempt for the first time an intermediate serie posture…

Than, it was time for it!



Following Sharath’s instructions, I squatted as much as I could trying to keep my heels on the mat, only successful to a certain extent, and than… surprise! Pashasana has nothing to do with sitting on your heels as I thought, but actually it requires moving your buttocks aside to the heels, as low as possible, and twist. Sharath moved me so that my weight was all back and against his leg while he was standing behind me, so to prevent myself from falling back, and than helped me in getting in a deeper twist and in locking my hands together. Finished with left side, same routine went on for the right one. And than, all was over! time to move on with usual drop backs.

Now I am at home, thinking of that and asking myself: ‘was it all? ok, I did it… so what?’

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