Kesava Temple – Somnathpur

Less than 3 weeks on my 3rd trip to Mysore, Saturday – hence day off from asana practise – and the chance to get with a small bunch of other KPJAYI students to Somnathpur to visit the Kesava temple.

I didn’t have a clue while getting there that I would get the answer to a question I had never even formulated explicitly to myself:

“what brings me back to India again and again?”

Overall, this is my 4th trip to India in 1.5 years for a total of 6months. Maybe some of you know that feeling of being in your country and have a clear perception that, out there, there is a place calling you… to me, that place is India.

Thou I had never looked at it like that till last Saturday…

Lord Vishnu and other deities on the outer walls

Just a few minutes walking through the Temple, staring at the magic of the carved walls, trying to reproduce as many of them as possible with my camera before starting feeling such a strong energy working to bring me more and more inward, deeper and deeper with the going of time. And than the revelation: this is exactly what is keeping me coming back to India!


Details of carvings at the base of the temple

Is it spirituality?

Is it beauty?

Is it meditation?

Is it really important to give it a name?

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