K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute: can it still store surprises?

This is my third time at KPJAYI, the cradle of Ashtanga yoga, in Mysore over the last one and a half year. Not that I thought I had seen everything, but for sure I was not expecting what happened this morning 😉

Queue outside the Ashtanga Yoga Nilaya as per my previous visit (pic by Emma)

First, I woke up at 4am to get ready for my first led class running at 5h45am (or 6am if you’re aware of the shala time). You would ask: ‘why so early’? well, in my previous visits (both between January and March) you were supposed to get at the entrance and queue at least 45minutes in advance to make sure you would not end up practicing in the changing rooms! (see picture) well, not today… I got to the shala at 5h05am and??? nobody there!! I felt almost strange to be there first… but I had a good book with me 😉

Second, I entered the shala and… I could choose where to put my mat and still have about 30cms of free space all around it while practicing!! 🙂 what a luxury!!

Third, I came out of the changing room where I had left all my staff and I saw people starting doing surya namaskaras. Must admit my first thought was: “why are they wasting their energy when we have to start the class in moments’? so I kept warming up for a few minutes till I saw almost everybody was doing surya namaskaras. Well, then, I decided I didn’t have much choice than to start as well 🙂 At the beginning, after Sharath came out of his office, I thought he would stop us at a certain point to lead the class but soon I realised that was not gonna happen… so, this morning led class was not led!!!

And last… while queuing, while arranging the mat, while practicing I could feel a very different energy from the very busy times at winter. Everybody was more relaxed, there were younger and more junior practitioners (at least that was my perception), there was no hassle. In some ways it could have been perceived as a lower energy but it was just as vibrant… I probably had my best class lately!


PS referring to led class not led: I was told after the practice that this has been the way since beginning of July… apparently Sharath is waiting to have a packed room before leading the class. 4h30am class was led.

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