It is exactly 2 days since I landed in Dubai international airport on my way to Mysore, India. It was around 6h40pm when approaching the city… the sky at sunset was of a certain cream-like colour that made it difficult to separate from the desert. And then, just out of the blue, here appeared the bid Dubai… The side near to the airport had plenty of mid-sized building of the same cream colour of the desert and the sky and nearer in shape to a Lego block than to a house… And almost no green!! well, that was expected but still not expected..

Once I got out of the plane, two things struck me immediately:

1/baby strollers available for free just outside the craft for people travelling with kids and arranged in such a way that made me think of a Ferrari (see picture);

Emirates Baby Strollers Ferrari-like

2/ all the clocks ticking the time were branded Rolex.

Does this make you think of something? Luxury maybe? 🙂

Enjoying Starbucks’ produces

And this sensation was kept for a while when strolling around. But after a few minutes I run into a Starbucks, and magically Dubai airport looked to me so alike to many other airports around the world, i.e. London Heathrow,  Istambul or Kuala Lumpur!!! Well, maybe just a bit more expensive as a yogurt + lemonade costed me 8€uros… but you know what? I got the change back in €uros as well!!!  isn’t it customer care?  🙂

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