Ready in:                                10minutes

Preparation difficulty:            🙂 easy

Recipe:                                   Gluten free – vegan

Serves 2


50gr green mesclun

15 cherry tomatoes

150gr firm tofu

½ fennel bulb

4 grilled & preserved in oil baby artichoke hearts

Seeds & grains topping

½ shallot


Extra-virgin olive oil

Balsamic vinegar (traditional from Modena, Italy)



Wash the cherry tomatoes and the fennel bulb. Peel the shallot.

In a broad flat plate, put the mesclun as a base and add ½ sliced fennel bulb. Add half-sliced cherry tomatoes in the middle (to add a touch of colour :-D) and cube-sliced tofu. Add the 4 artichoke hearts at the 4 angles and pour on top the seeds*, the sliced ½ shallot and oregan. Finally season with salt**, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

* mix of sesam, flax, pumpkin, sunflower, alfalfa seeds, etc… available in all organic food stores.

** I don’t add salt to my own salads, I find them so tasting already without it. Nonetheless, if your personal preference is to add salt it is recommended to do it in reduced quantities so to still be able to perceive the natural flavour of the single ingredients as well as for healthy reasons, i.e. to prevent hypertension in people with such a tendency.

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