Natural-sattvic food

Fresh vegetable market – Leh, India

A busy manager, a self-made entrepreneur or a full-time mum? Whoever you are there are times when you are required to prepare a lunch, a dinner or just a snack on the run. In those very moments, precooked or frozen meals look very appealing. Nonetheless, just a few know that natural foods – made of fresh ingredients and with a healthy preparation preserving all of their nutrients – can be ready to eat in a very short time… that means already in 10 minutes! That’s my own experience: I started preferring natural foods since months, every day and notwithstanding a hyper busy schedule as a woman on a fast career path within an international company first and after as a researcher in the field of yoga.

Hence, my desire to share recipes that are easily made, natural and fast while preserving taste so that everybody can enjoy a healthy life. “We are what we eat”… indeed! Our ability to sustain highly stressful rhythms is also linked to the kind of fuel we use to re-fill our vehicle called body… let’s treat it well and it will thank us back in infinite ways well beyond our expectations!

In following the recipes’ instructions, the key word is ‘experiment!’… vary the quantities or find alternative ingredients as you like the most.

Add, replace…

Don’t be fearful to be wrong! So you can taste combinations different from your usual ones and that on the first place you would have said impossible to work together.

Learn how to break monotony on your table as well as to let your fantasy free!!

Remember that cooking equals taking care of yourself and beloved ones, cuddling up with yourself, satiating yourself even before you eat the meal. Do all that with joyfulness!

And if this time the result is not really what you were looking for, that means you have learned something new that will be very useful for future times. If it works, you have uncovered something new. In all cases, you have learned something new about yourself.

What really counts is your OWN experience. This is what makes you grow, what allows you to understand who you are and what you like… and this is true in the kitchen as well as in life!


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