Indeed, 3 weeks have already gone by since I left India… nonetheless tons of memories are there, more vivid than ever! Amidst those, one that really struck me is the way a motorcycle is used in India:

  • I saw entire families aboard – in one case they were 5, including a newly born one!!
  • In another case, there were 2 people on board …plus a calf!!
  • And more, a huuuuuge luggage. Can you imagine the dimensions of a luggage used by an Italian woman leaving on a 3 week vacation?
  • And do we want to consider the ladder of at least 6 meters moved around so easily?
  • And the office chair that the passenger used to bring on the top of his head?
  • 3 young boys each one busy talking on its own phone;
  • And the milk-motorcycles? Can you imagine them? Motorcycles fitted with up to 4 milk buckets brought around early in the morning as well as in the evening to sell milk;
  • I saw motorcyclists moving around with sugar canes, gas bottles, different pieces of furniture and so on…

Nonetheless, the motorcycle is not the only 2 wheel means-of-transport that drew my attention:

I saw scooters driven by kids not older than 10 years… that on top where bringing around even younger kids than themselves… and finally…

  • I saw bicycles driven by kids sooooo young who were forced to pedal while standing as they were so short they couldn’t be sitting and pedalling at the same time… but still could manage to swiftly run around!!

Useless to say…I love India! I love this freedom!

PS: and you, anything to report that struck you?

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